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A planet in its own sign (example if you have Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius or Mercury in Gemini or Virgo) also known as a planet in its rulership or dignity, is strengthened and intensified. Planets in their own signs are comfortable in these placements as they are at home. The energies are enhanced, and you can use these energies the way you wish to. You are in control, and these are very favourable positionings.

Someone with Saturn in the sign of Capricorn would have executive abilities or would at least work well within their occupation. They would undoubtedly have leadership abilities, should have a leading role in what takes place whether this be within the working environment or in orchestrating life’s objectives. They would be reliable, steady and in control or at least this is how others would see them. They would be someone you would feel comfortable assigning duties to and you would feel as though they would do their best to produce the best product. They may appear very businesslike and willing to go the extra mile. They could also be relied upon to work towards the betterment of whatever they apply themselves to and they would feel responsible for the outcome or at the very least want to help achieve a favourable outcome for whoever is involved.

Someone with their Jupiter in Sagittarius would have a fondness for travel, and they could actually do well in some type of travel business. They would appear to be optimistic in their life’s approach and would also seem to be fairly lucky with their endeavours when their Jupiter is in favourable aspect by transit. They would have an open view on religion, be honest and open to dialogue when discussing religious doctrines. They would have a wide open view with life philosophies and probably share their views with others. They may appear jovial, optimistic and willing to learn what life has to offer. Their approach to life would be on a grand scale and nothing would be halfway or stifled especially when it comes to mystical learnings, religious schooling and philosophic teachings. They would make good teachers, good clergy, some would enjoy a religious path and become priests or nuns or take on new wave religious training and become ministers.

Someone with Mercury in Gemini and from a different perspective someone with Mercury in Virgo would be very adept in learning. Those with Mercury in Gemini would have a quick mind, be very receptive to communication, open in their dialogue and always willing to learn anything new and exciting. They would do well in the teaching profession, they could make excellent writers, good public speakers and would be proficient when it comes to learning new languages and actually quick to learn almost anything that is put before them. They have a quick, responsive and agile mind.

Those with Mercury in Virgo also have good mental capabilities. They would also be avid learners, able to decipher anything with great detail, and proficient with their understanding. They would also be perfectionists and able to come up with viable conclusions to detailed reports. They would make excellent secretaries, valuable for their preciseness and agility. They would also do well in most businesses due to their diligent approach and ability to orchestrate objectives into practical form. They would do well at problem solving, detecting any flaws in any system and would actually find great pleasure in putting things in their proper order. The mind would be deep, introspective, analytical and precise, not missing anything that that needs to be deciphered.

As you can see by the examples we have used a planet in its own sign is very favourable, although as always we will need to take into consideration how the planet is aspected by other planets which will help determine its efficiency and how its energies are released. The house placements will be the areas of life where these energies play out.

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