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(Mercury and Venus)

In the next few astrology posts, we are going to take a look at each of the planets when they are in retrograde motion. As I write this post, Mercury will be going into retrograde on November 1, 2019; however Venus will not go retrograde until May 14, 2020 in the Toronto, Ontario area.

All the planets except the Sun and Moon go into retrograde motion. Retrograde suggests that the energies of the planets are not in full expression or allowed freedom of expression. The energies are stifled in some way. In some cases, we can wait for the energies (Planets) to go direct before taking action. In the case of the outer planets however, the retrograde cycle is so long that it would serve little purpose to wait for the energies to go direct.

Saturn is the only exception to the rule. When Saturn is in retrograde motion, its positive energies are released. So stability and structure are enhanced and lessons, delays and obstructions are not as readily in place.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury has to do with our thought process and thinking ability. It has a great deal to do with our communication techniques and our ability to create ideas and formulate action through the thought process.

Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year, with interludes every four months (approximate). Its retrograde cycle is approximately three weeks in length. During its retrograde cycle, it appears to move backwards in the heavens between 10 to 15 degrees. This is a period when we would be wise to sit back and review what has taken place recently before pushing ahead with our goals. This is a time of analytical analyses before we move ahead. Careful study is advised and then when Mercury goes direct, we can move ahead with our endeavors.

If by chance we have no choice but to proceed with a project under the influence of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, we can usually expect some delays or obstructions along the way.

Venus Retrograde

There is a little less than one and one-half years between Venus’ retrograde cycles. Each cycle lasts about forty days.

Venus’s energies are about love and affection and it is also affiliated with beautiful things and our possessions. Venus seeks out comfort and elegance although we always need to look at its sign and house position in the natal chart for complete details. Venus’ energies are connected to our search for peace and tranquility hence its affiliation with Libra and Taurus.

When Venus is in its retrograde cycle, it has similarities to the energies of Mars. Naturally, Venus is very passive in its expression while Mars is much more aggressive and pushy. Since Venus is connected to material objectives and love and affection, the push for these things is emphasized although the ability to express love and affection is restricted during the retrograde cycle.

Remember retrograde implies that the energies are held back. Personal relationships may not be as easy due to the restrictions on our expression of love and affection

While in retrograde, there is a push however to accumulate possessions, and this could include a push towards gaining momentum linked to the finances and acquiring material goods. It has also been said that during the Venus retrograde cycle there can be a tendency to lose something of value, whether that be a personal thing or some love interest.

There are, however, no significant indicators that the connection lost cannot be regained. Things may not be lost on a permanent basis but can be regained what was lost once the retrograde cycle is over. Again, it is important to look at the full chart for a clear picture.

October 30, 2019, we will look at Jupiter in retrograde.

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