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Pluto went retrograde on April 18, 2016 when it was in Capricorn at 17 ½ degrees. It went direct once again on the September 26, 2016 and when it went direct is was almost 15 degrees.

Pluto is in retrograde for approximately 150 days over the span of one year. Pluto’s energies are very powerful and its influence begins as a subtle push and often ends with dynamic actions and transformations that often change things forever. What once was, no longer prevails!

Pluto is defined by its power to raise or provoke matters to the surface and orchestrates action into whatever area of life is being focused on. Pluto conjunct the Sun is the most powerful of these interactions in the horoscope. Pluto moves forward approximately one degree per year as a result of it speed of travel and its retrograde motion.

Pluto, when direct, is power and mastery. It leads! Pluto in retrograde becomes what could be referred to as a follower. Pluto’s energies reflect inner strength and the ability to go deep within and at times dig up unwanted matters that actually need to surface. Pluto calls for these matters and the emotions attached to them to go through whatever it takes to make them work for you regardless of how intrusive its action might be at the moment. Sacrifice and correct now to reap the benefits in the future.

Pluto leads to what could be referred to as an internal confrontation and uses its energies to force change. Its energies push you to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose. When direct, Pluto forces these issues and makes us act. When in retrograde, often we are undergoing this process subliminally and we make decisions on an internal level which we can put into play when Pluto moves into direct motion once again.

Those individuals that are highly sensitive to the energies around them can feel Pluto’s energies while in retrograde as much as 5 degrees approaching and 2 to 3 degrees separating. However, in general the most powerful period of Pluto’s influence will be when it is in a 2 degree approaching orb, becoming more powerful until it becomes direct at 0 degrees.

Pluto is highly influential when it is in conjunction or in any other major aspect with another planet. It is never in retrograde when in conjunction with the Sun, but it is always in retrograde when it is in opposition. It can be retrograde or direct when aspecting any other planet although its retrograde and direct motion to outer planets does not happen very often because of their slow speed of movement.

Remember that Pluto’s effects are related to power--sometimes power struggles, ego confrontation and sometimes the ability to lead the masses. If Pluto was in any aspect to any other planets during its retrograde movement, it may now again join up and make these aspects again. In many cases, the retrograde and direct cycle can affect a given planet three times before the planets or angles finally move out of orb and no longer have an influence.

When deciphering Pluto’s influence in your chart, check to see which house it is transiting, which planets or angles it is making aspects to and also where Pluto resides in your birth chart. The house position represents the area of life being affected and the planetary energies will be highly affected by Pluto’s energies in passing. The more challenged Pluto is during transit and the more challenged it is in the natal chart, the greater the chance of disruption on a very influential scale in your life. The more aspects it makes, the more powerful the influence will be. This also has affect when Pluto is forming positive aspects in your chart. Even when the aspects are favourable, the residue from its connections still has some challenging ramification, but its delivery is more subtle and you can work your way through things in a much more gentle nature.

Review how Pluto is affecting your chart and see how it plays out especially if it makes a direct aspect to a natal planet.

Have an open mind and be ready for change. Understand that the whole picture will be revealed over time. Sometimes it takes up to two years before you truly understand what took place as a result of Pluto’s influence. Patience will be a valuable lesson during this period. Remember these influences were needed and there will be benefits when all is said and done.

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