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We are having a slight influence by Transiting Pluto moving from Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius (March to mid-June 2023). Pluto moves back into Aquarius in early 2024 only to move back into Capricorn one more final time from September to November 2024. After that Pluto will remain in the sign of Aquarius for approximately 21 years.

Pluto in Capricorn produced times when security and structure went through some dramatic changes. There is still some work to be done and many Astrologers believe that any planet in the final degree of a sign has urgency attached to its energies.

Capricorn deals with business, Government and economic development. It is strongly tied to earth and physical reality matters. Achievement and advancement are its best attributes while turmoil and economic challenges are its worst characteristics. We can expect some turmoil and disruption perhaps on a higher level before things get better and changes take hold during the Pluto in Aquarius timeframe.

When Pluto does finally move into Aquarius on a permanent basis humanitarian concerns may increase and hopefully the governing agencies around the world will come together collectively with solutions for the planet as a whole. It could take 10 years or more to really get things moving in the right direction, but over time it will unfold.

Pluto is about transformation and radical change especially when connected to the energies of Aquarius. Something must end for something new to begin. There are no half measures. Hopefully we move forward in a gentle manner but there will likely be power struggles and rebellions before we begin to see more positive results. Many believe that we are the forerunners of this revolution and evolution taking hold on our planet. We have come at a critical time in man’s evolution and we will need to do our part to move the wave in the appropriate direction. It begins with you and in many cases right at the home and family level.

Things can move in unexpected ways during this time frame as T Uranus will also move into the sign of Gemini permanently in the spring of 2026. Gemini should suit the energies of Uranus. Neptune will also move into Aries on a permanent basis in early 2026. Spirituality will likely be enhanced and a strong push for personal advancement in this area should be in place for many.

It will be exciting to see where humanity decides to take its next step but be ready for change and disruption to what no longer works. Hopefully the leaders of our world will begin to work together rather than create disruption and realize that we are all in this together.

Do your part!

The initiation into this new age now begins.

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