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We are continuing our post from yesterday. During the month of July, 2023 Pluto, Neptune and Saturn are all in retrograde and Venus enters its retrograde cycle on July 22.

Pluto remains retrograde until October 10 when it goes stationary direct at almost 28° Capricorn and then becomes direct on October 13.

Neptune went retrograde June 29 and will remain retrograde until later in Jan/24.

Saturn went into retrograde June 16 and will remain until early Nov/23.

Venus goes direct on Sept 4/23.

We covered Pluto and Neptune yesterday. Read yesterday’s post here.

Saturn retrograde often works better than when in its direct motion. This is the only planet that through reflection can produce practical results while in retrograde. This is a time when reflection on what you might want to reduce, eliminate, or simplify can be activated. You can now work towards achievement and the potential is stronger or requires less work to accomplish. Set goals, review your workload, see where opportunities lie and forge ahead. Saturn moving through Pisces can indicate a time of learning about your spiritual goals and tools such as meditation which will help open the door.

Venus in retrograde can make love and affection somewhat hard to find. If you are already in a relationship that needs some renewal or requires a lot of work this may be the time when you decide to end the relationship. Some relationships may remain in place but not without some evaluation and effort while other relationships may come to an end. This can relate to friendships and social gatherings as well – any type of relationship. It is not always wise to move towards planning for parties/gatherings during Venus retrograde as they may not turn out as planned. If you have already made plans then you should move ahead as Astrology does not dictate; it only offers suggestions on how to best use the energies at hand. Venus can also speak of finances and may indicate several turns with finances. You can experience downturns and then upward trends with finances.

Remember while reviewing these transits take into consideration which houses they will be moving through and pay particular attention to the planets that they will activate. Conjunctions and oppositions are the most relevant and the natal potential must be considered before drawing conclusions.

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