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Pluto plays a significant role in our lives regardless of its new classification by NASA. It has been demoted by astronomy but regardless of its demotion in astronomy, Pluto’s influences in Astrology has not lost its significance and continues to play a very significant role.

Pluto regenerates and revolutionizes our lives as does the other outer planets. Its influence is more powerful than most. When it is time to review our lives and transcend from a previous condition, Saturn and Uranus have their part to play, but the agent of change is often the energies of Pluto. Pluto transforms our lives and its interaction is not something that we can take lightly. Its impact is often subtle in the beginning but becomes more apparent as time passes. Its impact is so powerful that it often takes several years to fully comprehend its influence in our lives.

Pluto makes us face ourselves in a more forceful way than any other planet and it pushes us to dig deep before there is any chance for regeneration and a transition. It can be quite disruptive. Its energies act similar to those of Uranus; however, Uranus’ actions are usually instant and we cannot prepare for what is about to take place. We never really know how Uranus will affect us, but one thing is for certain, the unexpected will happen.

Pluto does not suggest that you reflect and take notes. It demands action and if you choose not to act appropriately, it initiates change and transformation in more aggressive ways.

Pluto is important in many ways. It opens the door for required change and puts an end to conditions that no longer serve a purpose. It is evolutionary in its design and will help you facilitate the growth that is required in your life. Pluto is a powerful agent for change and transformation and when it passes across your Ascendant and MC, you will be aware of its presence. Life will undergo massive change and the changes are designed to move you in the direction that is appropriate for you evolutionary growth for that point in time.

Once Pluto steps into your life, it is hard to ignore and when it has completed its cycle, things will pass away or be massively transformed. Pluto will not be ignored and helps you uncover any deeper facets that need to surface and either be challenged or deleted from your life. It is a necessary ingredient for evolutionary growth and its influence is very powerful and influential in your life’s progress.

Pluto transforms, regenerates and underlines all of life’s complexities, forcing you to make alterations. It often presents you with obstacles or challenging conditions to help you facilitate this growth. Pluto is often present in times of death but is suggestive also of transformation on the highest level. It propels individuals to the next stage of evolution beyond that of physical reality.

Pluto is never a negative factor and it always has its place and is a required element in our lives. When it is activated in your chart be ready for transformation and know that you are in the right place at the right time for this to take place. Welcome Pluto’s impact in your life. Take in all the energies and life changing elements that are on their way.

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