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Pluto is known to have great transforming energies and through its influence, its energies will create change of direction where it is needed. In many cases what needs to be transformed will be quite evident and if we do not move ahead with the requirements then Pluto’s energy will ensure that the changes are made for us. Its energies are intense and when it touches a planet or angle in our natal chart or even when it crosses into a new house, you are quite aware of what is being pushed your way.

If Pluto transits an angle in your chart (ASC, MC, IC and DC) there is usually an ending of sorts taking place before something new comes into play. It usually takes about 2 years to totally understand what is taking place and why things went through the aggressive change and why it was a requirement. There are no halfway measures about the action of Pluto, and nothing is by chance. Often, we have little control in what takes place and it is best to go with the flow rather than fight the impending change.

If Pluto conjuncts an angle, for example, Pluto conjuncts the MC, you can expect changes and transformations to take place around goals and life’s path. In many cases depending on what stage of life you are in (age) you can expect something major to take place in the area of occupation or career. Because Pluto in this case is making a conjunction, we also need to look at its opposition to the IC. In many cases because of the changes that take place in your career it will also have effects on the family and the home. Sometimes we need to move because of what takes place with our occupation or goals in life.

If Pluto is making a conjunction to the Ascendant, it will also be making an opposition to the DC. The conjunction to the Ascendant will usually indicate some personal change is on the horizon. Perhaps you change the way you look or your personal situation in life. Perhaps this is due to the changes taking place in close personal relationships such as marriage or perhaps a relationship moves to the next level.

Pluto should be taken seriously and as mentioned in many cases it is out of your hands how things unfold. However, our attitude always plays an important role in how an event affects us. Life does sometimes seem like it dictates and where Pluto is involved this might just be the case, but your attitude can make it more difficult or more easy flowing.

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