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Pluto over the next year or so will be between 22-26 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. There is little doubt that Pluto’s influence is upon us at this current time.

Jupiter makes close contact (conjunction aspect) right to the end of the year also being found in the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn’s energies have to do with business and enterprise and work in a slow rather meticulous manner as they incorporate and align through diligent efforts on our part.

Jupiter under all conditions tends to exaggerate and exemplify anything it touches. It builds and offers growth and often suggests opportunities and potential luck. It expands on things and in challenging situations can expand on this as well. However, Jupiter will often produce opportunistic outcome when it peaks. This may not seem like an opportune time in our lives, but if you were to look at life’s situations from a mystical or spiritual perspective, Jupiter’s expansive forces could be seen as a teaching opportunity or tool.

Pluto will regenerate and transform business over time due to its placement in Capricorn, but it also makes things tumultuous and there are no half measures with Pluto. It tears down what is no longer suitable and ends these conditions and then rebuilds from the ashes of what used to be. Pluto has been known to be the aggressor and the changes being enforced through its relentless energies have to be accepted, as fighting the changes Pluto bring is often fruitless.

We know how currently this epidemic affects health and in a small percentage of cases kills the most vulnerable. Pluto likely has its hand in this area as well. However what Pluto does suggest is going within in a very deep and personal way. It can force issues to the surface and push us to re-evaluate life’s conditions. It can also push us to make changes to current conditions that halt progress often through means from an unconscious source.

The changes are often subtle, at first asking for your attention and then they push with more force and intent. This creates action on our part.

These transformations are at hand because they need to be (we are not just referring to the pandemic. We are referring to this aspect as a whole). This is personal as well as universal as this conjunction affects everyone throughout the world. We can ask ourselves what needs revamping and what are we willing to change in order to come out the other side more reflective and deeper in self-understanding.

What we do with these energies will always be up to us personally. Our attitudes play a significant role in the teachings coming into our lives at this point in time. To get a clearer picture of how these energies are playing out in your life particularly, have a look at which house the planets are transiting through in your Astrology chart and also look to see if there are any aspects between these two planets and how they link up in your personal chart. Are either of these planets in aspect to other planets in your natal chart? These focuses will assist in the delineation process.

Remember life always points us in the direction most suitable for our evolution even when we don’t see how this could possibly manifests.

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