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In most charts there is a balance of the various aspects. The average number of any one aspect in a natal chart is generally three or four. The most common type of aspect includes the conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition.

I suggest using an orb of 7 to 10 degrees to establish an aspect. A ten degree orb may be of little significance unless the planet is aspected by several other planets or important point in the horoscope (Midheaven and Ascendant). When there is a significant larger number of any given aspect using this guideline, the nature of the aspect is substantially significant in the life of the individual. The individual involved will tend to function under the influence of that type of aspect far greater than the other remaining four aspects.

In general, people with a larger number of conjunctions in their natal chart are focused and absorbed in their own private concerns. Their motivation comes from within and they will use their intense focus in whatever area of life they choose to commit themselves to and often without outer influence. They tend to move forward in life on their own accord. However, they can become so identified with their own personal agenda that they rarely go outside of self for assistance. This makes them somewhat headstrong and they may fail to recognize the importance of other people’s “fresh” input.

People with many sextiles are often very expressive and communicative; however, they often need to be stirred up in order to facilitate action on their part. Life often seems to just happen and many times things fall in their lap or are acquired with little effort on their part. Their minds are often artistic and innovative and they are able to focus their attention in many different areas at once. They may, however, need to be motivated by outside forces to move forward in life.

Those with several squares in their lives are accustomed to adversity in life and because of this will be motivated into action when a crisis situation arises. They understand instinctively that inaction will settle nothing and often the longer they wait to respond to a challenging situation the more degenerated the situation becomes. These individuals are known as achiever in life and understand the meaning of hard work. They do however tend to generate the biggest problems in life often by themselves and can be their own worst enemy. They should find time for relaxation and adopt an understanding that life sometimes looks after itself. This will lead to a less stressful life.

People with many trines in their chart will find that often life runs along quite smoothly with little restriction and good things just seem to happen to them. Opportunities often present themselves to these people without too much effort on their part. They are naturally born with many talents and abilities that exceed those of the majority of others. However when they are faced with challenging conditions in life, they are not well equipped to handle the stressful situations. This is largely due to the fact that these situations do not happen frequently in their lives and they are unaccustomed to challenge. Life often becomes so comfortable that many lack motivation and they will need someone or life to motivate them forward and get life moving.

Those with many opposition aspects in their birth charts will find that they have a tendency for other people to generate activity in their lives, as often they are swept away by the demands of others. Their manners have been known to link up with extreme behaviours or contradictions of behaviour. They can lose themselves in others and need to find balance in personal relationships. These people sometimes show vision and clarity and are capable of inspirational thinking but need to learn to focus their energies on their own personal projects and to not project them on to others or to ask for assistance. They need to think for themselves, move forward of their own accord to achieve from their own personal actions.

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