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The journey to self-realization has many steps but getting to know and understand our self is a challenging yet very satisfying experience. Make no mistake; it is a perpetual one. It is one of wonder as we slowly release all of the ego (conscious or unconscious) impacts that have been influencing us most of our lives. Some of these traits were learned in very early childhood, and we have identified with them and believe that they are a part of who we are since.

This is where the difficulties arise. We actually believe that these learned traits are a part of our true selves, our true identity. This belief can be painful and for some hard to shake. If we recognize that these traits have never been a part of the true self, they can easily be acknowledged and released with little to no pain or suffering.

Unfortunately, most people spend much of their lives identifying with these qualities and then when and if they come to recognize these traits, they feel that they have to battle to remove a part of themselves.

In reality, these have never been a part of them. They are simple a habit or learned belief.

We have to accept these habits but see them for what they are. Let them go and watch how the real core energy shines through. The real person has always been there yet frequently denied or overlooked because of ego’s intent on directing our lives.

Do not be misled. We are not at the mercy of ego. Ego can be an interference, or it can be a positive benefit, depending on the focus. Ego’s proper place is at our side providing us with confidence (but not arrogance) to move forward.

Allowing our core energy to shine through does not have to be painful. True realization and living in the moment are wonderfully gratifying experiences. These are great initial steps. We have to remind ourselves that we are spirit having a human experience, living a temporary earthly existence. Our higher state of consciousness is ever present, as is our alignment with source.

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