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Do you need to put your life events into proper perspective? Are you looking at your current situation from the correct vantage point or are you propelled in a negative direction? If you are having difficulty finding good in your life, perhaps you need to review where you are placing your focus. How much time do you spend each day dwelling on the negative aspects of your life? How can your life improve if your main focus is in a negative direction?

You draw to you what you concentrate on. If you focus on disappointment, you will not feel fulfilled. Why then do we spend time reviewing the disappointments in life over and over until they are the centre of our life?

Beyond a doubt there are hardships during our lives. We do have to acknowledge these events and either accept them or make changes as necessary but they are not the whole of our lives. We have a choice on our reactions to these events whether they are the loss of a loved one through separation or death, loss of our jobs, disappointment due to expectations and the list goes on. How we choose to react to these events is the ultimate cause of our stress.

Perhaps we need to figure out our priorities in life. Do we wanting to stay in a place of sadness, or do we want to move forward in our lives? What do you want from your life? Are you seeking happiness and do you actually feel that you deserve happiness? If upon reflection you come to the conclusion that you want to be happy but perhaps because of past action that for some reason you do not deserve happiness, you might want to review things even more closely.

There is a guiding force that resonates within each of us. This force propels us forward and pushes us in our intended direction. If we hold on to memories of regrettable past events are we growing and moving forward from this attachment? Is enjoyment not an important part of life? Each and every one of us is entitled to be happy no matter what are past may have held. Part of our purpose is to experience happiness. Each and every one of us holds the key but it is our choice on whether we use that key.

Love yourself enough to allow this happiness to be experienced. By focusing on what you actually have in life instead of what you perceive as missing in your life, you begin to open the door. It is right in front of you and has been all along. You are a spiritual being living in a physical body. You are enveloped in love and compassion whether you realize it or not. Open yourself to sharing these gifts with everyone you meet.

Go to bed at night and repeat a mantra that you deserve to be happy and will open the floodgates of happiness in your life.

When you wake up each morning, repeat a mantra that you are lucky to be alive and lucky to continue in this wonderful existence. Believe you are blessed, and you truly will be. Change your belief structure one step at a time and in turn you change your life.

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