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Priorities in Life

Is it time to put your life into proper perspective? Are you looking at your current situation from the correct vantage point or are you propelled to a negative outlook? If you are having troubles finding good in your life, perhaps you need to pay attention to where your focus is placed. How much time is spent each day dwelling on the perceived “negative” aspects of your life? How do you expect your life to change if you are constantly focusing on these concepts?

You understand that you draw to you what you concentrate on, correct? Why then would you waste time reviewing these events that you perceive as stressful or negative? Life certainly does throw us curve balls from time to time. We have to acknowledge these events and either accept them or make changes to the situations. They are circumstances that we do not have to own. If we become stuck in a particular circumstance, we can change our view on the situation. If it is not acceptable, make the change necessary and then let the past live in the past.

Perhaps it is important to review what our priorities in life truly are. Perhaps we need to focus on these priorities. Why would we want to stay in a place of sadness? Do we not want to move forward in our life’s quest? What do we want from our lives? Are we seeking happiness? Do we believe that we deserve happiness?

If upon reflection you come to the conclusion that you want to be happy but perhaps because of past action that for some reason you do not deserve it, you had better review things more closely. The past is gone. Today is a new day. We can no more change our actions of yesterday than we can change someone else’s actions on any day.

There is a guiding force that resonates within each of us that propels us forward and pushes us in our intended direction. Do you honestly think that holding on to memories of past errors or actions offers us a rewarding experience? Are we not meant to enjoy life and be happy?

Each and every one of us deserves happiness. The door is always open; we just have to decide to let go of what is behind us in order to walk through the threshold.

Focusing on what you actually have in lif--no matter how small that perfect characteristic, event, emotion or thing may be. Let go of what you think is missing in life.

Go to bed at night and programme your dreams. Tell yourself that you deserve to be happy and will open the floodgates of happiness in your life. When you wake up tell yourself how lucky you are to be alive and able to grow through this wonderful existence. Believe you are blessed because you truly are. Change your belief structure, one step at a time and in turn, you change your life. You are a spiritual being living in a physical body. Recognize the love and compassion that encompasses you. Feel it......experience it......share it!

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