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Jupiter deals with fair play. Its energies reflect moral and religious focuses. Jupiter involves expansion, brings good luck and optimistic potentials. It is the planet of growth in material terms as well as expansion when it comes to life circumstances and how you can relate to this from a positive perspective.

When Jupiter makes positive aspects to other planets and points in the Zodiac, there are great opportunities for conditions to turn out favourably.

The house position occupied by progressed Jupiter tells the story of where you will find opportunities to gain knowledge.

Jupiter also has to do with travel, courts of law and lawsuits. In general, when Jupiter progresses through the chart, these or some of these areas of life may be highlighted, especially if Jupiter happens to be in the ninth house.

Jupiter also governs publishing, higher education and learning through experience.

Each house cusp advances one degree per year through progression and Jupiter moves closer and closer until it finally moves into the next house in the progressed chart. Jupiter moves slower than the progressed houses and it is important to notice where Jupiter is in the natal chart and the houses it moves through during progression. These few houses (usually not more than three) will become areas of life that are affected by the progression of Jupiter in your personal chart.

You will also need to take into consideration any aspects that might come into play from the other progressed planets as well as transiting planets as they make contacts during Jupiter’s slow movement through your specific houses.

If Jupiter passes across your MC (Midheaven), the opportunities for growth in your professional life have great potential especially if Jupiter is well aspected.

Look at the overall condition of Jupiter in your natal chart as this will determine how great the success will be. A poorly aspected natal Jupiter does not promote in ways that a well aspected Jupiter does.

If and when Jupiter passes over your MC, you may have opportunities for a promotion or may gain positive influence from people in higher positions. Travel or relocation might be on the agenda during the year Jupiter sits directly on these angles. I personally use an orb of 20 minutes for Jupiter as it approaches and 15 minutes when it separates for progression.

Progressed Jupiter on the ASC (ascendant) opens the door in very personal ways with less restrictions or obstacles for you on a personal level. It might indicate a new relationship or expansion in the family. Prosperity and good luck seem to find their way to you. Since Jupiter has to do with law suits and legalities, when Jupiter is on the Ascendant or Midheaven, the potential for legal issues to go well are increased.

Jupiter on the DC (descendant) offers opportunities for marriage or opportunities to promote a new organization or affiliation with someone who can be of benefit to you in a business opportunity.

Jupiter on the IC suggests changes within the home or with family members usually on a positive note. During this contact, it is a good time to buy real estate or your monetary values in these areas may increase.

It is essential that you always take into consideration other transits and progression to review what they are indicating. Also a reminder to review the overall condition of Jupiter is in the birth chart to get the indepth story.

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