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The progressed Moon moves one degree per month. When making contact in the Astrology chart, it is in influence for a total of three months, one month prior to being exact, one month while being direct and one month as it separates. A three-degree orb of influence is allowed.

The progressed Moon is often used as a timer in Astrology and is suggestive of activities and events as they unfold. There will often need to be other indicators in the chart through transit or progressions that are then stimulated by the progressed Moon.

The house position of the Moon when it aligns with our natal Sun will be the area of life that is involved, and the transits will add other factors into the equation. The position of our Sun and the aspects to it in the natal chart will help define what energies are in place indicated by the birth potential found in the natal chart. The natal chart is a roadmap for what will unfold through transits and progressions in our life. It is the life path in place and the energies in force.

In many ways the Sun is very personal. By sign and house it defines who we are as an individual, and the character traits that are suggestive of who we are internally, but some of these character traits will also be shown to the world and others will identify us by these characteristics. It is important to look at the rest of the chart to see how powerfully these energies will play out.

For example, someone with their Sun in Capricorn will usually have objectives that potentially lead to success. They usually work hard at their endeavours, pushing towards a slow but progressive move towards the top. This is common unless there are other mitigating factors found in the birth chart. If for example they have Leo rising and five planets in the fifth house ruled by Leo, then these Leo characteristics will have a strong influence on who this individual is and how they present themselves.

The Sun also speaks of goals, aspirations, and life’s path in general. In some cases, it speaks of intensions set for occupational aspirations. As mentioned, much will be clarified by the aspects to the Sun and the sign and house it is in through the natal potential.

When the progressed Moon aligns with the natal Sun, there are changes to life’s path. Some make changes to their goals and under this influence decide to move in these directions. Others make personal changes sometimes related to health, personal appearance, and life objectives which may also include others. Changes are in store and much can be ascertained by the transits and progressions in play at this time.

If, for example, Pluto was involved and the natal Sun were in the seventh house, the potential for transformations in relationship or business partnership is enhanced. If it were in the second house there may be indicators that transformations are taking place around areas of security and personal finances. If the eighth house were also involved this could include joint finances and joint ventures, as well as inheritance, alimony, and sexual interchange, especially so if the fifth house were involved.

Changes are in store for many of those that are currently experiencing this combination, and, in many cases, we need to take advantage or be forewarned of things and move in the appropriate direction. A full interpretation of the natal as well as the transit and progressed charts would provide clarification and give the best possible details on what may be involved and how to move forward.

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