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Progressed Moon Conjunct the Ascendant

The Progressed Moon is often used as a timer and often propels transits into action. The Progressed Moon alone without transits’ influence governs such things as the emotions, property and security matters. It is often associated with women in your life, such as your mother, grandmother or aunt. It often relates to young women who already have children. It also activates other progressed planets in the same fashion as it facilitates action in transiting planets.

The Progressed Moon moves one degree per month and will stay in a sign for approximately 2 ½ years. It will carry the traits associated with that sign for that whole period. The Progressed Moon can stay in a house for a very long time depending on the size of the house concerned. It will also carry the tendencies related to the house in question and the area of life the house represents. When the Progressed Moon moves from one sign to the next or from one house to the next, a shift occurs that is often quite noticeable.

When the Progressed Moon crosses over the Ascendant (and this along with the MC is a very sensitive point in the chart), it is often a time of many changes in your life. These changes often relate to family members, important relationships and particularly to women in your life. There may also be changes to your career especially when it crosses the MC. Quite often changes within the home front occur when the Progressed Moon links up with the fourth house cusp or the ruler of the fourth house.

Many things in life become more sensitive when the Progressed Moon passes over the Ascendant and in most cases, others are aware of these transformations taking place as the Ascendant is not a very private area of life. The emotions are strong and on the surface for the world to see. Depending on other aspects to this placement, these could come from positive or negative influences in your life.

When the Progressed Moon is in the twelfth house, many aspects of your life may have been hidden or kept secret and now when it moves over the Ascendant these issues may surface. It is very difficult to keep things hidden from public knowledge although you may not mind exposing them. People become more upfront and open to dialogue when the Moon moves across this sensitive point, although much depends on the sign on the cusp. Some signs are much more private than other signs.

This is often a time when you can get things off your chest that has been emotionally draining or restrictive in some way. The best approach to this would be to face any emotional issue up front and deal with it accordingly. You may have opportunities to release any pent up emotion that has been left on the back burner. Depending on the other aspects that are influential during this period, any release might come into the open in rather dramatic ways.

Find out how the Progressed Moon is affecting your life by having a closer look at its positioning in your chart along with any other transits or progressions that are affecting various areas of life. Get an astrologic perception of how best to deal with the conditions brought on by your current transits and progression.

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