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The progressed Sun moves approximately one degree per year. In most cases in order to experience this conjunction between the progressed Sun and your natal Saturn, you would have to have your natal Saturn no more than three signs from your natal Sun, unless you would live beyond 90 years of age. This too is assuming that your natal Sun is less than one degree of a particular sign. Your natal Saturn would also have to be located in a sign after your natal Sun, because the progressed Sun never goes into retrograde.

For example, if your Sun was at 1 degree Aquarius then your Saturn would have to be in either Aquarius, Pisces or Aries to experience the Conjunction between the Progressed Sun and Natal Saturn. If you lived beyond 90 years of age, your Saturn could be in Taurus in this example. You would have to take into consideration short and long ascension signs.

The progressed Sun deals with reaching our objectives, following our goals and, if used properly, these intentions materialize in feasible ways. Beyond following our life’s path, the progressed Sun also has to do with inner connectedness and reaching out to find our true self and our inner path. Sometimes these objectives can be achieved through material rewards. Sometimes they deal with spiritual enlightenment and the awakening process. Much, of course, depends on the sign and the house the progressed Sun is in as well as the aspects in play.

Saturn on the other hand always has to do with hard work, learning life lessons, resilience and sometimes a cautious approach. Saturn speaks of delays and sometimes shortcomings as well as restrictions and, above all else, speaks of teachings and lessons learned.

The progressed Sun (and progressions in general) often deals with inner evolution, although the progressed Sun often promotes energies that are quite relevant and noticeable in the external world. When lined up with Saturn, and remember the age of an individual would most certainly play a significant factor, the energies for advancement are often harnessed or we can be forced to move slowly and carefully along the path that we are striving to travel. Saturn will insist that no shortcuts be taken, and planning and preparation are often part of the process. With Saturn, hard work is nearly always a prerequisite for achievement.

Achievement can be acknowledged/achieved in many expressions and although the road to these objectives will take time and work, the rewards are often quite substantial. Saturn does offer stability and structure as the work gets done. In many cases, Saturn also offers longevity and steadfastness. There will be many lessons learned along the way which can provide invaluable information in the future, but again, it can be a rugged journey to learn the lesson.

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