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The progressed Sun moves one degree per year. Its influence when in aspect would be in effect for three years and can be felt as much as one and one-half degrees before it becomes direct and the same period after it moves away from being exact.

The progressed Sun, just as the natal Sun, relates to ambition, power and authority. It also governs our vitality and our ability to recuperate from illnesses. It often identifies the husband in a woman’s chart or the father as well as authority figures in life such as your superiors within the working environment, but it is also related to you on a deep and personal level.

When the progressed Sun is in conjunction with the natal Ascendant, it can be a time of advancement in life on many levels. This could include favourable opportunities for change in life and opportunities for inner achievement and outer success. It could also mean potential for meeting someone in life that has a great influence over you and will teach you many life lessons. It could also suggest that the father, or in some cases your son, has these opportunities. These influences are on a positive note if there are other conditions within the chart that suggest similar opportunities.

The progressed Sun on the Ascendant often suggests that the health is robust, and feelings linked to good health is often a by-product. Much depends on the influence of other transits and progressions affecting the Ascendant during its three-year period of influence.

When the progressed Sun is in conjunction to the Midheaven, depending on the age of the individual, they may find advancement opportunities in the occupation or may graduate from University. Some of life’s objectives often materialize when the progressed Sun reaches this degree. More opportunities for hopes and wishes to manifest are often indicated when the Progressed Sun reaches the MC. Changes of a positive sort to life’s status may occur or present themselves. Much depends on the natal potential, but the time is ripe for opportunities to enhance the career or move ahead in life.

If the Progressed Sun is conjunct the MC, it would also be in opposition to the IC often suggesting changes to the home environment and family members. Oppositions usually imply actions from someone else and this could suggest that a son or possibly a daughter might move from home especially if Venus or Mars is somehow connected to this position. There may be potential for income or opportunities involving the home. More potential is suggested when the Progressed Sun is in conjunction to the IC, as conjunctions offer more opportunities than oppositions. Oppositions often suggest reversals or challenging conditions that usually stem from others.

When someone is very young, the MC and IC axis often have to do with the parents. In many cases the IC has connections to the Mother, while the MC has connections to the Father. However, the IC may also be connected to the parent that is most nurturing while the MC may speak of the parent with the most influence as far as goals go.

When deciphering the Progressed Sun always take into consideration the natal potential and transits and progressions to the chart as a whole. Remember there has to be three or more aspects of similarity to stimulate an event, either through transit or progression. The more aspects involved the greater the possibility for an event to occur.

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