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Psychic Ability

We are all born with psychic potential. Each of us possesses our own innate abilities. As we mature and go through puberty, many of these inborn traits have been pushed aside due to our childhood conditioning. Most people, in general, look at these abilities as being odd or that they make us different from the norm. Unfortunately, many of us feel it is necessary to try to fit in with the crowd and bury or hide our individuality.

By the time we reach early adulthood, many of these psychic enhancements have been pushed aside or buried and lie dormant within us. For most, their focus is only on the material necessities of life and this part of their awareness is restricted to subconscious awareness. Deep down inside we realize that in some way we are unique yet in reality, we are all quite similar. We are far less unique then we may want to admit for we are all connected.

There are some and they are usually in the minority that understand that these psychic tools we are born with can remain intact on a conscious level and there are others that later in life choose to redevelop this potential.....the awakening process.

Allow your true self to grow. Use your gifts to move you in your intended direction. Share your gifts lovingly and appreciation them. Be thankful even for the challenges they may create for these challenges serve only to make you stronger.

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