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We have touched on this topic before but we are repeatedly asked if there are any links found in the birth chart indicating potential for psychic abilities as well as indicators of intuition. As a result, we thought it worth revisiting.

It is believed by this Astrologer that all people have the potential to unlock psychic abilities. In some cases, this potential lies dormant until the day something triggers an event and the ability rises to the surface because the timing is right. The birth chart does through placement indicate individuals that may be able to access these abilities easier than most individuals.

There are specific traits normally found in the birth chart of those with developed psychic abilities. We have also found that those not blessed with the following traits in their natal chart may have indicators through the progression of the planets at some point in their lives. Remember, however, the birth chart is a lifelong blueprint of your journey, and is forever unfolding. You can overcome any challenging aspect found within the natal chart by promoting positive energies into your life through your focus and by utilizing the energies and trends offered during specific times in your life through transits and progressions.

It has been noted that women to have more psychic characteristics than men. In order to bring these abilities to the surface, we have to utilize our instincts and sensitivities. Most women have these qualities through their nurturing nature and some developed these traits earlier in life. This is not to say that men do not have these qualities, as today’s men are learning to develop their compassionate and sensitive side. As a result, we are seeing more men enjoy and expressing their psychic talents.

Quite often people with Grand Water Trines have psychic or intuitive abilities as their sensitivities are often not hindered. Many people with a strong element of water in their charts, particularly Pisces and Scorpio, have links to psychic potential. Sometimes those with the signs Aquarius and Sagittarius and the planets Uranus and Jupiter strongly aspected especially by Neptune, the Sun or the Moon in their charts have these qualities. Strong planetary links to the water houses (4, 8, 12) have the same potentials.

Ties to Neptune especially with Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, the Sun and the Moon often produce these qualities. Pluto and Neptune in close sextile also often points in this direction. Those with a North or South Node connected to Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer have these abilities, or in the water houses. The North Node suggests talents that have yet to develop but will be pushed to the surface in this life, while the South Node suggests that these psychic potentials were cultivated in a past life and are carried forward and usable in this life.

Saturn to Neptune may steady the psychic abilities and keep the individual grounded. Alternatively, it may suggest a hindrance or blockages in developing this potential.

Rising signs often carry potential for psychic abilities especially Pisces or close ties to Neptune of a positive sort (sextile, trine or perhaps the conjunction) to the Ascendant (Rising Sign). Cancer rising can also indicate psychic abilities, often suggesting strong mothering instincts and a nurturing personality. The same potential exists with Scorpio rising (although the mothering is not as innate as those with Cancer).

Individuals having a strong tie to the planet Pluto often promotes the potential for these abilities to surface often after long deliberation. As a result, they must watch for wanting to dominate this God-given talent, which can create blockages.

As you can see, there are many links associated with the easy flow of psychic potential and intuition. The more these characteristics are found in the birth chart, the stronger the potential for easy development. The greatest enemy to building psychic abilities is fear or those that seek power and dominance through their potential.

This potential is a gift that should be used for the greater good.

Have a look at your chart and see what lies dormant and is waiting to unfold. There is always potential. Will you utilize yours?

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