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There is a high energy of change currently in our world. Not only are we experiencing the pandemic and a downturn in the financial world, we are also dealing with a much-needed elimination of racism.

There have been many peaceful and controlled marches and demonstrations honouring the rights of minority groups particularly connected to “Black Lives Matter”. Many races have been treated unfairly as far back as any of us can remember and beyond.

There have been issues related to minority groups since the beginning of time. Still today, we see reports of ethnic cleansing, religious restrictions, gender bias, racism, age discrimination, and the list goes on and on.

It is time to face discrimination head on. We are all equal and stand side by side, as one, demonstrating our need for justice, our need for fairness and our need to the equal rights for all. Changes must take place and this change must begin in our own homes. It is up to each individual to realize that we are all human beings, each bringing forth their own valuable gifts to society and our world as a whole. We share this planet together and this pandemic, on its own, reiterates that we are all created equally…..we are all human. This virus can spread to all human beings regardless of race, colour, religion, sexual preference, wealth, age, etc. We are all in this together.

Each and every one of us play a part in creating change; change that will enhance all lives. We must be the example of this change.

Focus on the energy of change, see it unfolding. Without a vision of change, change will not happen.

So much of society as it was pre this pandemic was not working. We have been provided with an opportunity to stop, review and move forward in a different manner. It is time to find ways to share life together, living in peace and simply allowing the love that lives within each and every one of us to flourish.

Because of our connections to all living things, what you do for others, you do for yourself.

This is our change to make a change, a permanent change. Second chances are never guaranteed. Make this opportunity count!

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