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Although life can certainly have its challenging moments, always be aware of the bright areas within those occasional dark rooms. There is always a ray of light shining throughout every aspect of our lives.

We cannot expand or grow unless we choose to expand or grow. This works for all things.....those things that we consider or see as positive will expand positively and those things that we consider or see as negative or stressful will generate negativity and stress for us. With a true understanding of this principle, why would we focus our minds on limitations and hurdles? Would it not be more beneficial to focus on all that feels positive and good in our lives? Allow what we see as positive and good in our lives expand and grow.

Focusing in any direction amplifies what we are focusing on regardless of the focal point we choose. Our concentration will bring whatever is focused on to “life”. In the beginning, the activation takes place on a mental level and we begin the process of realization and understanding. As we continue placing our attention in this same direction, internal alignment takes place and we begin the moulding with the focus of our intentions.

The process is gradual and unless we are paying heed, we will not notice the effects of this concentration for some time.

Life’s unfolding moment is taken for granted by most people, and we will not realize that our thoughts and belief structures are actually slowly manifesting in our lives.

This works on a conscious level, as well as on a subconscious level. As a result, there will be times in life when we are faced with adversity which always fosters growth. Do not get caught up on these challenging moments as these too will pass. They are simply in place to stimulate growth and understanding. Learn the lessons as they are presented and then simply move on.

There is no need to take up residence in any lesson. They are meant to be learned permanently but not experienced permanently. When we become stuck in the focus, we start to create negativity around events that are meant to be beneficial to us on the whole.

We can always find a ray of light no matter what the circumstances may be if we simply choose to look for it. Seeking out the ray of light allow us to draw our attention to it. Understand that there is a lesson at hand but do not become obsessed with it. The answers we seek so very often reveal themselves when we stop looking.

There is always a ray of light waiting to light the exceptions. Seek them out and allow their influence to shine during the times that we term “tough”. Always have an open mind when approaching each and every life event. Recognize these events for what they truly are--lessons.

Behold each and every moment in life, utilize it for your betterment and live life to its fullest.

Accept responsibility and know that all events in life (challenging, exciting, quiet, loud, grand or minute) are for our greater good.

Never give up. Never give in.

We CAN realize our control. Never lay blame!

Life, and how we look or respond to it, is in our hands.

Live, love and learn!

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