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If the struggle seems to be getting too much perhaps you might consider asking for assistance. Sometimes an impartial opinion can offer a solution we simply would not think of ourselves.

Many feel as though they have failed when they reach what seems to be an impassable hurdle and find it very difficult to go to others for assistance. Many of us throughout life have relied strictly on our own resolve.

There is no shame in asking for help. Most of us would not hesitate to assist someone in need yet we are hesitant to seek help from others. Is pride holding us back?

If we analyse what pride is, we will discover that it is a form of ego. In reality, it is ego that stops us from asking for help when it is needed.

We are not suggesting that every time we hit a snag, we should call out to others. Most of the time if we dig deep enough, we will discover that we have what it takes to resolve the issue. Struggles build character, self-worth, expansive thinking, etc. Our greatest hurdles are our attitudes and where we choose to place our thoughts. When we truly require help, however, ask for someone else’s opinion and assistance. Someone else may have the perfect solution for our issue. With reaching out, there are different lessons learned. We learn teamwork, possibly humility, certainly gratitude and much more.

Many times, we are so emotionally involved in an issue that we do not view the situation from an objective perspective. We cannot see the trees for the forest.

We must stand on our own two feet in life but also need to be willing to let go of ego to reach out when it is apparent that we are not able to find the resolutions on our own. This is not giving in; we are being resourceful. Ultimately, we make the final decision.

Let go of ego’s interference. Have the courage to ask others for guidance when the time is right. You may just find exactly what you are looking for.

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