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If someone were standing right in front of you extending their hand for assistance, what would your response be? How would you react and what could you do to help them in their time of need?

If that person were vindictive in nature, would your actions for this person vary from your actions to assist someone who is loving or gentle?

When we are faced with individuals that have challenging characteristics, we need to be steadfast and true to our own personal journey. We cannot back down because of a particular response or simply because part of us feels as though this individual does not deserve our assistance (This is judgement coming from ego). If they are coming to us, there is a reason. We must have something of significance to offer, even if their responses do not meet our expectations.

Advice somehow always seems to miss its mark. Actions through example, however, speak volumes. If we feel we must give advice, we should use a gentle approach. Force creates friction. The response to our actions is created by the receiver and is not ours to own. Our ego has no place in the equation when we are offering our assistance. If you do not like the response, send love and walk away. Change and growth by someone else is their journey not ours.

Love and compassion will always be our best approach when we are offering a gentle reminder that things can get better. The actual change must come from within those who see that they need change (even if it is simply a change of attitude).

It is never co-incidence when someone is sent our way. We can always offer assistance but we cannot make the changes or force others to accept our help or advice.

If we do our best in any given situation, we are being true to ourselves and our journey.

We have control over our reaction to events in our lives and how we respond to those who share this journey with us.

Control what you are supposed to and have faith that all else will happen as it should.

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