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If someone were stand in front of you holding out their hand for assistance, what would your response be? How would you react? What could you do to help? If the person facing you were of a vindictive nature, would you answer be different than if it were a gentle individual? Would your help for the first personality type ever be enough?

Does not everyone deserve help if they reach out for assistance? Have we walked a mile in their shoes to understand why they react the way they do in life? If we turn our backs, is our reaction not compounding their infamous character traits? Do you have something significance to offer them that might not only change the current issues but help them to refocus their general attitude towards life?

If we decide to help, we never have to go overboard in presenting our advice or opinion. We can simply state our opinion in a gentle manner. Dealing with frustration or anger with force never has a good outcome. Honesty has great value, and love and compassion are invaluable.

You can only say or do what feels appropriate. Sometimes it may feel as though you have not found the right method but it is always up to those asking for assistance as to what course of action they themselves will take.

These individuals have been sent to you for a reason and you can only do your best. Perhaps the lesson is as much for you and is it would be for them. Could the lesson be “we cannot help everyone”, or “we can only help those who truly want our help contrary to their asking” or could it be “just a little attention and affection solves much”?

No matter what the lesson may end up being, never jeopardize you own wellbeing but your own personal lessons of compassion and love can be greatly developed by reaching out to those that no one else wants to. It is always a personal choice.

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