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Fortunately for most of us our reasoning abilities are strong and reliable although we may have restraints and reservations whether to follow through on some issues. We make decisions in the present moment yet fortunately or unfortunately the past influences this process.

The mind can interfere creating fear and anxiety based on past experiences, on “what ifs” or on something that may not be logical. We can follow along blindly reacting to what the mind dictates or sift through information to make decisions. The final decision always lies in your hands. Be practical and realistic in our approach but go with your gut. Often we can stop ourselves short because of worries and halt advancement because we listen to the reactive chatter.

Sometimes other people’s input influences our decisions and again this can be detrimental or advantageous.

Stagnation is often what transpires because of fear or insecurity. We cannot let fear stand in the way unless protection from something specific and real is required.

Listen to the nonsensical chatter from your mind so that you can recognize it. As we become acquainted with our mind and its interaction, we become better at recognizing when what is being transferred is accurate or fear based. We can become masters of recognizing the mind’s interference.

Believe in yourselves. Trust your instinct and reasoning abilities. Do not allow fear or panic to breach your decision making. You’ve got this, trust!

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