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Have you taken the summer as down time and now you are contemplating what you should be moving towards next?

The batteries have been recharges and now let’s get moving.

There truly is no such thing as a standstill. Life may progress at a much slower rate (which is a personal perspective) but never does it not keep moving.

We can get caught up in our expectations of where we should be but these expectations may be very unrealistic and not in line with life’s journey. We forget to explore the moment and tend to place our attention on what we think we should be experiencing.

There are no shortcuts, no mistakes, no wrong turns. We are always on track and ever-moving forward in our intended direction. We simply need to recognize and accept this.

We do not know or see the full path that life will take us down and in the moment, it is not important. To appreciate, we must focus on what surrounds us, right this very moment. See it for what it is. See the beauty in each and every moment, whether easy or challenging.

Right now....while reading this. Stop. Relax. Release the babble of the mind and quietly experience the moment without judgement. Forget the deadlines, just for this moment. What do you feel?

Remember to take these recharging moments of silence and release (whether they are for 2 minutes or 2 hours).

Now, our evolutionary batteries are ready for action. We are empowered. Move forward with confidence and a renewed feeling of connection and energy. THIS IS LIFE. Live it. Believe in yourself every step of the way and BE!

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