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Recommendations for Living

Live your life with purest of intentions and know that life is always taking you in the right direction. Follow your heart. Believe in the existence of pure love and know that it resides on every level.

Stay true to yourself and love who you are. Know that you have a purpose and believe you will fulfill it. Remain calm in the face of adversity and believe that you have the strength to overcome anything that life brings your way.

Have faith in all upcoming life events. Know that these events will help you foster acceptance and a stronger purpose in your life. Know that every twist and turn in the road leads to the same destination.

Live life with the most purest of intentions possible. Acknowledge “mistakes” (which are only diversions from our direct route) but do not own them. Learn from these diversions. Know that you are not perfect but are on the way to perfection.

Let love guide you and believe in your dreams for dreams do come true.

Always leave room for exploration but understand that you will never know the complete story of life. Live life to the fullest and know that you can live each and every moment this way. Enjoy your life as there is nothing wrong with this. It is part of your inheritance—your entitlement.

Find the moment and dwell within it. Return there every moment.

Pay attention to your life’s experience. Know that each event is pre-planned. Nothing is by chance. We learn from these experiences-- eachand every one of them.

Know that you are part of a bigger picture and acknowledge that you are part of the living God, our pure essence. Do not be uncomfortable when using the name “God”. Know that a higher source does exist.

Know that your guides and guardians walk this journey with you and that you are never alone. Know that, if you ask, they are always there to lend a helping hand.

Understand your connection with spirit and know that you are only housed in this body and that you are not this body. You are spirit living a human existence and will return to spirit when this particular journey is complete. Take care of the vessel that is on loan to you, as it houses you, the spirit.

Above all else, love yourself for who you are. Allow this love to flow and spread outside of self. Be as willing to receive love as you are ready to spread it. Know that you deserve to be loved regardless of who you think you are. If you do not like what you see in yourself, know that it is only there for the moment and you can change it if you decide to do so.

Know that each day is a new beginning and yesterday is a memory. Live now and to the fullest. Enjoy your life. It is yours to enjoy. Celebrate every moment whether labelled exciting or sorrowful for each moment is for our greater good and we do not understand the bigger picture.

Take an honest look at yourself and relinquish any facet of that self that you do not emanate with. Do not identify with anything that you do not feel belongs. You already know who you are and that individual is the best person you can be, but be true to who you are.

The true self is not seen by all. What others think about you is not important. These are only opinions.

You were never meant to suffer, but you were meant to live in accept. The true self lives in that place within that holds love and the promise of love. When living from this place, we only can know contentment. Believe!

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