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In order to maintain a positive journey, it can be necessary to realign our focus from time to time. Sometimes we get a little lost in events and forget that our concentrated focus forms our reality. We can easily get lost and become complacent. Unintentionally, we go on automatic pilot and become absorbed in these events. When the lessons get tough we can get lost in an attitude of why me and allow this less than ideal attitude to carry us away. We can lose touch with past lessons and get swept away. Thank goodness something jolts us back into the moment and remind us that our focus is actually exaggerating the lesson that we see as being so tough.

It is important to remember that we are human when we vary off course with our focus and gratitude. Be gentle with yourself but the faster we recognize our negative focus, the faster we can re-centre ourselves and start to enjoy the ride. In particular it is important to pay attention to what is important in our lives and what bring us happiness especially during the harder lessons. We are always capable of shifting our focus to anything that helps us to experience happiness (it is a choice) and this choice eventually helps us decide to choose calm.

The object of our focus does not have to be anything colossal. As a matter of fact, it is usually the small simple pleasures of life that help to uplift us. As we are well aware, focusing on negativity only brews sadness, fear and anxiety.

If we have allowed ourselves to slip back into negativity for an extended time or if this is a new concept, it can certainly take some work as we identify with these energies. It can be difficult to even recognize in the beginning, but with constant mental reminders and a gentle but concentrated effort, it does gets much easier. Eventually a focus on negativity will become effortlessly recognizable. Your vibration (energy) changes as you regain your positive momentum and life will feel as though it is lifting. It will feel much lighter and easier. It may take some time for these effects to be noticeable as much depends on how long we have been drawn into negative drama. Little by little, we notice the subtle changes and our lives will begin to feel and look much more promising.

Do not give in to the challenging conditions in life. View them simply as lessons that lead us to great growth and development.

We can never forget our focus. By developing a positive focus, we take control of our journey and our attitude towards it.

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