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RELEASE AND BLOOM Part IMany are talking about the shift in consciousness. The first step to recognizing the new you that is emerging is to understand that this “you” has always been residing within all along. In recognizing this, we can more easily adjust into this newly discovered persona knowing that it was already in place but just hidden away. We can reacquaint with that part of ourselves that has always been in existence.

Some of us may find it a bit challenging to allow this newly discovered individual to surface completely. We are so comfortable walking as the former self for many years (even though we have been unfolding for a very long time). The allowing of this new layer of self is a gradual process and takes time. It does however accelerate as we allow and accept.

Picture a rose opening its petals. The outer petals slowly open making way for the next layer of petals to appear. It is a beautiful process. The centre petals have always been there. They just were not visible.

We will flip flop back and forth between both personalities before we learn to blend both. Old habits die hard. Remember the plight of the ego. It has held dominance over our perception of self for a long time and it will fight using whatever means it knows to retain its stronghold. Ego is much like the outer petals. It has held us and protected us (in its opinion) since our beginning.

Now we have a need to expand. Releasing our true beauty has become so strong that ego can no longer hold us within its grasp. As time passes it will bow as it has no choice for it has been overpowered by something greater than itself. The process may feel a little bit uncomfortable. We may even feel frightened and vulnerable but this will clear as we allow our true self, our true beauty to emerge.

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