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Are you reliable?

Is reliability important?

Call me old fashioned but I believe that when someone tells me something, I should be able to count on them to follow through on their word. If what we want to promise to someone else is not guaranteed we should hold off on telling them. We should be responsible for not only our actions but our word as well.

Not only should we take our commitment to others seriously, we certainly need to take our commitment to ourselves just as seriously. If we can’t depend on ourselves, who can we rely on? Making a commitment is the same as a promise and I cannot help but remember a book we use to ready to our children and then our grandchildren, “A Promise is a Promise” by Robert Munsch.

In following through, we strengthen not only our commitments and obligations but we build self esteem and pride in ourselves. We become reliable, most importantly to ourselves.

Do you remember someone making a commitment to you and then not following through? This can not only be very disappointing but can be very disruptive if the broken commitment formed part of a larger plan!

Build self-respect and self- esteem through your commitments. Honour yourself and honour others.

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