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Religious Doctrine

Before we delve into writing about religion, we would like to stress that it is our opinion that the core of all religions is similar in that most religions base their belief structure on the dominant and fundamental issue that we are in search of something that encompasses love and compassion.

For most of us with any type of belief structure this is our core and this unifying concept makes all of our fundamental beliefs viable in their own unique way.

There is one true religion that resonates within each and every one of us. Faith or the concept of truth has to be available to each and every one of us regardless of mental capacity, age, geographical location, etc. It has to be available at any moment in any given capacity. The only place we can possibly find this truth would be from within.

Most would agree that love is the central focus and all of its attributes live within each and every living cells. We are all part of the universal truth.

The various religions have many teachings, each valid to their own. No one can dispute another person’s truth. We have no authority to either judge or condemn someone else’s beliefs. It is their truth.

Following your heart in such matters is the only truth available. Allowing others to lovingly walk their road of faith is the best any individual can do to remain in harmony with their own personal truth. It is not enough to know or proclaim our own particular belief structure. If it is truth, we must live our truth and teach through example. If we are not living within the structures of our beliefs, what do our beliefs stand for? We cannot be hypocrites and pretend to be something we are not. We can, however, keep pursuing our truth regardless of trial and error.

Follow your own personal guidelines. Build bridges of compassion, share love and hope to all. We can live to the best of our abilities recognizing that we are human.

It is by no means an easy road to travel. We will tire and obstacles will often get in the way, but we are the masters of our path.

Follow your own doctrines and remain true to who you are and your personal beliefs. Stay open to the quiet voice within for this voice has a direct line to our pure essence.

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