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Do you take time for reflection?

Do you push ahead without taking stock?

If you progress seems to be little to none of late, this is not an indicator that you are failing. It may be an indicator that you need to stop to take stock and reflect.

Do not allow yourself to be dismayed by periods of seemingly none activity. You are still on track and not being held back. Persevere during these times and utilize them for reflection.

Many people lose faith or stop believing because they appear to be stalled. How often are we given a quiet time to rest and prepare for a flurry of activity to come? Seldom; so take advantage. Recognize ego’s intervention that stimulates losing faith. Ego can build doubt within ourselves and in what we are trying to achieve.

Stay steadfast in your approach. Do not lose faith. Believe in yourself and know that the path is always open and ready.

If you look back to review your recent successes, you will realize that life changed and what once was only a dream has now become reality. Keep up the great work. Much lies ahead if you are willing to move forward.

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