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Every where you look and all the information you see, hear and read urge us to stay home, keep a safe distance from one anther and only go out when we absolutely need to. Many are suggesting that this may have to stay in force for months.

It is important to remain steadfast in our core beliefs and hold true to what we know to be true.

These messages in the media can be stressful. The current events can test our resolve and our commitment. Do not let ego dictate and build on what is going on. Stay true to your quiet inner voice that ego works so hard to conquer. Ego will rob you of your peace if allowed. Ego will try to crush your values, your beliefs, your resolution, your strength and determination.

This IS a testing period. The knowledge that we have gathered will now more than every need to be practiced. Do not allow ego to push you down a road that offers no hope.

Meditate as often as you can and recognize ego’s intent in its early stages so you can halt it quickly. We have learned what we have learned in order to be put it into practice particularly when it is truly needed. Help yourself and then help others. Many are struggling within. Be that pillar of strength that you are.

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