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Do you feel as though something always seems to stand in the way of progress? Does it feel like no matter what route you choose to follow, you always seem to end up in the same place?

Where are you placing your focus? Do you believe and tell yourself that life is just a vicious circle or do you focus on the minute accomplishments you complete each day? Perhaps on some level, you do not expect to escape the vicious circle. Maybe you believe you cannot remove the obstacles that seem to stand in your way.

How do you perceive the situation? Your faith in the process is so very important. Your perception is part of the solution just as much as your belief in whether or not you can make the change that is required or whether you are capable of doing what needs to be done. Most importantly, you need to believe in yourself and worry less about what the ultimate end change might be. Our minds can wander aimlessly and create anxiety to the point that it halts our progress. It is important to understand that in many instants we are guilty of holding ourselves back.

You have to find the courage to step up to the plate and insist that ego is not allowed to dictate what you can accomplish in life. A part of you knows exactly what can be done to initiate change. Courage is the fuel that is needed. Sooner or later, you must make the necessary stance. The question is when?

Often times what we perceive as roadblocks are lessons to help us see ourselves for who we truly are. This information is a building block to progress. We learn to tackle lessons head on and we grow, develop and become self reliant because of them. Should we then welcome these opportunities and look at them as doors opening instead of roadblocks?

For many of us, we try to ignore what we need to do because of fear. We hope and believe that by ignoring the inevitable we might find a way to escape. Not dealing with matters at hand will only serve to create a battle which should only be a lesson. We forget about those feelings we experience through accomplishment and the self development we achieve when we push ahead and deal with life head on.

It is time to remember and grow!

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