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We can be tightly bound by our beliefs. If, for example, we think of ourselves as a failure in life, or believe that we are not worthy of love and happiness, then we stop ourselves short of success, love and happiness.

If we believe that there is little to no future for us, how can we possibly move beyond these barriers to build the future of our dreams? We have reduced our potential and have held ourselves back because of these attitudes.

Some have argued that “off and on throughout life I have been faced with challenging conditions and it seems as though no matter how hard I try to push ahead nothing seems to ever work.”

We do not know what this journey will hold for us and at times we will experience conditions and events that we did not choose to experience. However any challenging experiences offer rewards. I am sure you have heard this before and you may be tired of hearing such statements. Part of you may believe these to be hogwash. If this is the case, why are there repetitive themes in life? Why to the same issues keep resurfacing?

If we do not learn, the lesson will repeat.

Our attitude can make a valuable lesson easily learned or it can make a valuable lesson feel as though it is a punishment. Pay attention to how you look at life’s events.

Sometimes lessons repeat themselves because we need to make changes in our surroundings and other time we just need to shift our attitude. Believe it or not, the easiest test is to make a shift in attitude and then review where this takes you.

Change may not happen overnight but then again it might. It is important to remember that it has taken us some time to get to where we currently are so it is quite possible it may take some time for the shift to take hold but that is okay. We are not in a hurry.

Have patience and believe in yourself. See ego’s chatter for what is actually is. Ego insists on giving you a hard time and the closer you get to recognizing its false influence, the harder it tries to convince you it is right. Eventually we see ego for what it really is and we do not have to give it control over our lives.

Ego, from its negative perspective, does not realize that we can actually have a wonderful working relationship. With the proper relationship ego can help and we can be stronger because of it. Ego can nurture our creative self.

It is time to release the shackles of negative attitude and underestimating our ability to love life. As with everyone, we are entitled to happiness and we can prosper in our own ways. Life provides whatever we feel we are worthy off. If you feel unworthy, you will be. If you love yourself, life will be filled with love. Recognize that life reflects our believe structure and our expectations.

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