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In desperate times when the world around us is seemingly collapsing, many of us will reach outside of ourselves for assistance. In the hope of finding a solution, we look for assistance from others or search for a guiding light to help us through our predicaments. We sometimes lose hope and do not know where to turn so we seek assistance or spiritual insights from others.

There are times when we become lost in life’s tumultuous conditions and at a crucial moment a specific individual magically appears to give us support or advice that just did not seem available before. In times of great stress, we often draw to us a guiding light either through an individual or some other force that seems to show up just when we need the guidance most.

Sometimes these individuals seem to come into our lives and once our crisis is over, they leave our lives just as quickly. It is as though they simply have been sent to us to help us through the current conditions. We can become so caught up in our current situation that we do not see our life events clearly and require guidance and vision from outside forces.

Under most conditions, we are able to find resolution from within but there are times when we become so wrapped up in life’s lessons that we are blinded by our focus and the stress. It is amazing and certainly empowering that the right people just seem to show up at the right time--sent from our source to help get us back on track and in focus. Co-incidence......I think not!

At times in life, we will experience conditions or circumstances when solutions evade us and although these challenges provide us inner strength and insight, they can still overwhelm us. It is reassuring to know that, when in our darkest hours, someone or something will come along to guide us. Remember this when you are at the “wall” and cannot find a resolution. Do not give up. The answer is just around the next corner.

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