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It is imperative to love yourself and certainly to be authentic. These ultimately will lead us to peace and contentment.

Love yourself first, even the perceived flaws. Love who you are and be grateful for your individuality and your freedom for self-expression. You are unique. You are love (no matter how buried that love feels to be). You possess kindness (utilizing this attribute is a choice). You possess all of the wonderful qualities that you strive for. Let them blossom.

You owe yourself the luxury of being yourself. Stand tall and appreciate the reflection in your own mirror. Be thankful that you are who you are.

Take time for yourself and give to yourself all of the benefits that you bestow on others. Recognize that you deserve these just as much as anyone else.

The rest of life falls into place once you look after your own self-love requirements.

You are the best person you can be; love yourself for this.

Spread your inner love outwards until you overflow and this love spills into the world around you.

Be yourself especially to others. Be proud of who you are. There is never a need to hide.

Happiness does not come from outside sources. It is found within. Take a good honest look. Recognize the wonderment of YOU. Take responsibility for your own well-being and happiness. You are worth it!

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