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In Astrology, when defining a rising planet, we are referring to the distance any natal planet is with regards to the actual ascendant signs position.

A planet that is two degrees before the rising sign cusp (in the last 2 degrees of the twelfth house or up to and including 5 degrees after the ascendant in the first house) is known as a rising planet. The difference between a planet in the 2 degree before the rising sign (in the 12 house) compared to a planet in the first house would be that the energies of the twelfth house planet have more difficulty expressing themselves compared to a first house planet which could easily express its energies.

Both positions, however, deliver a similar meaning as the ruling planet of the Ascendant. To give a couple of examples, the ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter and the ruling planet of Leo is the Sun). The rising planet gives substance to the energies of the rising sign and tells more about the rising sign. Someone who has a Sagittarius rising sign would also have to look at what house and sign their Jupiter is located in. This would provide a stronger identification to the external expression of the rising sign of Sagittarius.

Another example would be someone having Mars closely tied to this Ascendant would use these energies in their self-expression as well. Mars before the ascendant by 2 degrees or after the ascendant within 5 degrees would also express the Mars influence with the rising sign.

A planet closely connected to the Ascendant (the closer the connection by degree the stronger its influence) is thought to be even stronger than the actual natural ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant. This is due to the fact that the planet is said to be in an angular position. So someone with a Cancer Ascendant which naturally would be comfortable in a care-giving role would have strong nurturing abilities and be emotionally expressive to others.

If, for example, this individual had Mars within 2 degrees of the Ascendant and in the first house (in the twelfth the energies would be a little more difficult to express or they may even try to hide this energy), would have an energetic expressive personality. They would probably be considered a go getter and would aggressively take on the role as a caregiver and nurturing individual. They would be known as a combatant and often would show an aggressive link to their self-expression. Much would depend on the rising sign and aspects to it as to how this energy might expand. It has also been noted that in some cases this positioning of Mars being closely tied to the Ascendant indicates that a fight in early life is likely.

Someone with Jupiter tied to this position of a Cancer Ascendant would express themselves to others in an overly optimistic manner. Many with this in their chart would find that luck and expansion comes to them at different intervals in their lives. They would reveal themselves as a nurturing individual with philosophic views on life. Jupiter would expand the emotional nature of Cancer and make these individuals highly sensitive to their environment and quite emotionally expressive.

What is the rising planet tied to your Ascendant?

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