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We all go through periods when we seem to be challenged and fighting the process as it unfolds seems futile. We sometimes feel pushed to the edge and we can only deal with things the best way we can. The battles we wage sometimes create exaggerated issues and we would truly be much further ahead to roll with the punches. There really is no way to avoid the lessons we have to learn in life, and at times, we just have to accept what stands before us.

Letting go long before our coping abilities have been stretched to their limits seems to be an ability we are reluctant to practice. It is true that many of us learn only at the school of hard knocks. Simply allowing is often the best alternative yet we fight it. This is not a show of weakness or a deliberate act of surrender. It is a true show of faith. If we question our faith in the process, we bitterly hold on until we reach that point that we have no choice but to acknowledgement that we have finally come to a point where no further actions can be taken on our part. Letting go and releasing our energies might be the best course of action available to us.

Everything in life has significance. Determining our best approach is important not only for our sanity, but also for our greater good. If we have walked around the situation and viewed it from every angle and there is no satisfactory way to get rid of it, it is time to accept that it is there and climb it or maybe take a new course around it. In any case, enjoy the new view. Staying where you are and accomplishing nothing but frustrations serves no purpose.

Remember we have at our disposal all the ingredients we need to deal with any obstacle. With the right frame of mind, we can continue our travels no matter how high the mountain is in front of us. Attitude and expectation mold our reality. We are at the controls even when we let go for this too is a choice. We can halt our journey and stand in front of the mountain and feel defeated, or we can accept that the mountain is there, plan an alternate route or put on our climbing gear and conquer that mountain. Whether we choose to go around or to climb this mountain, we will eventually get to our destination but if we stand in front of that mountain defeated and angry, we only hurt ourselves and forget to live.

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