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The Sun will enter the sign of Sagittarius on the 23rd of November this year. This post will apply to those individuals born with the Sun or Rising Sign (and to a lesser extent, those with the Sun in the ninth house) in the sign of Sagittarius. REMEMBER, the Sun (the inner person) and Rising Sign (our face to the world) are just a portion of the representation of the full individual.

Sagittarius is the adventurer, the seeker and the eternal optimist. Those with strong Sagittarius tendencies are the philosophers of our world. They have an innate knowledge of religious doctrines or at the very least an inclination and adaptation towards this area of life and the ability to share this knowledge with the world around them.

When life gets tough, you will surely find the typical Sagittarian forever pursuing and spreading an outlook that promises a brighter future. Sagittarius is the eternal optimist and has good intentions. They will assist those in need and will promote a positive approach to all of life and every corner that life reaches. They are forever on the road of “better things just lie ahead”; and although they are often quite content with their life’s direction, they never stop reaching for the top of the mountain.

They are the philosophers of life and are ready to present a different approach to life with an ingrained knowledge that supersedes their education. Many are on the pursuit of knowledge and will gain much in their advanced schooling. Even those without formal education will seek to gain knowledge through life’s experiences. There are many politicians and clergymen who have strong Sagittarius inclinations in their charts, as well as judges, writers and adventurous people who love to travel to foreign lands and learn primitive cultures in order to attain some of the previous knowledge and make that part of their repertoire.

Many Sagittarius individuals are great lovers of the outdoors, nature walks, camping and exploring. Sagittarius is the roamer. Sagittarius individuals are one with nature. They uncover nature’s secrets and exploring all of its facets. Let them roam and you open their door to happiness and excitement. House them indoors and restrict their freedom and you have a stranglehold on the adventurous spirit that needs to be set free.

Most Sagittarius people are well spoken and will provide you with their point of view on many subjects. They have an inability to keep their mouths shut when wanting to express themselves. Foot-in-mouth disease found its place within the Sagittarius expression. They seldom have bad intentions but do speak their minds. They could contemplate a little bit more before they open up. This would result in less challenges by others who have their own opinions.

Sagittarians are a kind and caring people, always ready to lend a helping hand both physically and emotionally. They have the good of everyone in mind. These individuals challenge us to look outside the box and to find optimism and grandeur when there is little hope of finding it.

Make a Sagittarius your friend and be ready for communication and a life of adventure. There will seldom be dull moments although they can be subject to deep introspection and times of quiet. Enjoy your Sagittarius friend as they will always be at your side, ever encouraging you onward and forward in your life’s quest.

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