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Saturn is the planet of restriction, delays, obstacles and hard work. It is known as the task maker or the teacher of the Zodiac. Saturn by birth position usually shows an area of life that we have to work at in order to make things succeed. If Saturn is poorly aspected in the birth chart this is doubly so, although Saturn also offers rewards for those with diligent work ethics.

Saturn while in its direct motion through transit suggests that there will be time delays, limitations and boundaries to overcome, unlike most planets in their direct cycle. When Saturn turns retrograde which is about 140 days a year, its energies are quite the contrary. The retrograde motion of Saturn may be a time when you feel less restricted and held back, although signing agreements or making major decisions is not recommended. This is a time when you can rethink what action you can take in order to facilitate growth when the timing is better. This is a planning stage when you can actually take great strides forward when other planets trigger the appropriate timing factors.

Saturn has a 29 year cycle and usually retrogrades about 15 degrees in each sign. It usually moves into retrograde up to 8-9 degrees during its cycle. Saturn is linked with achievement, ambition and delivers what is truly deserved. When the Sun (also linked to ambition) through transit forms a square aspect to Saturn, this aspect often brings some struggles with regards to your goals and aspirations. If it trines Saturn, the blended energies of the Sun and Saturn offer some stability in these areas.

Saturn in its retrograde cycle is somewhat similar to Jupiter, in that it offers opportunities to succeed in your endeavours and planning is a fundamental action while Saturn goes through its retrograde motion. The normal cautionary application of Saturn is softened during its retrograde cycle.

Saturn’s energies also deals with accountability and the house or houses that it retrogrades through will make you answerable to these specific areas of life being tested. Saturn tends to test you and if you failed to do what you should have been doing during its direct motion, you may be held accountable for your actions or non-action when Saturn again turns direct. If, on the other hand, you were working with the energies of Saturn while in direct motion, the areas of life dictated by house position will offer rewards for due diligence and hard work. Saturn rewards when applicable.

In closing, Saturn direct offers opportunities to move ahead in life although with some caution attached to the process. Saturn retrograde suggests a time for evaluation and planning and then to move ahead with caution once Saturn moves direct again and when other planets may trigger potential activities.

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