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Saturn Returns in Astrology

The first Saturn return takes place at approximately 27-30 years of age. The second Saturn return occurs at approximately 56-60 and the third at 84-90. The forth return which is rarely experiences takes place between the ages of 114-118.

The Natal or birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment of birth, from that moment on the planets keep on their rotational path. Each planet eventually returns to the placement it was at on your birth, but the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) take a long time to complete their cycles. Saturn takes between 28-29 years to complete its cycle, Uranus takes 84 years. The other two most outer planets take much longer and we do not live long enough to experience their return.

Saturn (which will be discussed at a later date in greater detail) has a profound impact in our lives. It produces stress and presents us with obstacles whenever it becomes activated in our charts. It is as though we have come to a stumbling block or crossroad in our development and we are forces to take a good look at our lives in order to make some needed changes. These times are very trying and can last a significant period of time, especially if there are other planetary forces at work during the same period.

We have touched a little on houses in previous posts and will go deeper into these areas of life later in other posts, but depending where Saturn is located in your birth chart and what aspects it is making to other planets, these particular areas of life (houses) will become activated. The intensity and duration of the lesson depends largely on the other planets that are stimulating the area and how long they transit (transit is the motion of the planet) and what aspects (aspects are angles between planets) they make to each other.

If you are going through a stressful period and you are between the ages mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is undoubtedly due to you experiencing Saturn’s return. Holm Astrology can review your Astrology chart to see the influences at work and the lessons to be learned during your Saturn’s return period. We can assist you during these trying times by locating Saturn’s position in your chart, its natal aspects, its transiting aspects as well as its progressed aspects. We can offer you insight into this occurrence that can offer assistance with the resolution of the issues. When Saturn has completed its cycle, you can be certain that a new person will emerge with a greater understanding of self and with experiences well learned.

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