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Saturn Returns to Retrograde in Astrology

Saturn has been hovering around 28 degrees Scorpio and 5 degrees Sagittarius since the end of 2014. It went into retrograde motion again in mid-March, 2015. It will continue its retrograde motion until August 2 of this year. When Saturn turns direct this summer anyone having an important angle or planetary force located in these degrees particularly in the late degrees of Scorpio and early degrees of Sag, will experience the final conjunction before Saturn moves beyond these degrees of influence.

Saturn has a tendency to make life challenging and Saturn’s influence is often referred as a time of test for us in some way. People often get caught up in Saturn’s challenging energy. Although Saturn does make life a bit of a struggle, its real intent is to make us stop for a while and review with clarity our life’s objectives and how we will continue moving forward with our lives.

Saturn actually builds structure in our lives and although its influence is rater tumultuous and labourious, we are pushed to take the necessary time to view our life’s choices and steady our approach. Saturn is the task maker but rewards us for hard work and diligent efforts. If we lay the proper foundation in our lives we will find that the stressful time we spent preparing and structuring our lives was well worth the effort.

Saturn makes you stop to take a close look at things. It tells you to be honest in how your review the circumstances at hand. It then provides you with alternatives and sets in motion plans that can foster achievement on a higher level, but there can be no missed steps in the process. You will find that you have to take the long road and often the hard road rather than jumping in and making immediate decisions. If you take the necessary time the potential for a positive outcome is greatly enhanced.

Every action in life has an automatic response and therefore when Saturn is part of the equation, ensure that the action taken is well prepared and nothing is missing. Saturn’s response may not be quick but it will be decisive. Saturn represents the structure of our lives. It is the very foundation upon which we build upon whether that be in the material sense (which if often the case) or whether it deals with higher learning. Saturn is our teacher, and you had better listen to its advice.

If Saturn is making an aspect to a significant part of your chart there is usually a great deal of time spent reviewing potential steps you can take; however, its action is often delayed. Most planets when making aspects have their most powerful influence when they are directly in contact (Mars at 15 degrees Capricorn and Pluto being at the same exact degree). Saturn, as mentioned, is usually delayed in its action and will make its most powerful impact 2 degrees past exact.

Live openly with your Saturn transiting aspects, as they will be the building blocks to set the foundation of your life’s structure. Take hold of the opportunities linked to Saturn and do not fear its judgement. Understand that if you take the necessary time before making any decisions and put everything in its proper place you will discover that the preparatory pain was well worth the gain that Saturn promised.

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