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We have previously discussed the effects of Saturn in challenging aspect to the ascendant. What are the effects of Saturn’s influence after these challenging aspects?

If you have planets within 5-8 degree conjunct the Ascendant, these plants would be in the first house. You would experience feelings of release after the conjunction with Saturn. The tensions created by Saturn will have lifted and its testing will begin to subside. This may feel as though a great weight is being lifted off your shoulders--the pressure is easing off.

As Transiting Saturn tends to restrict and delay things, you may now be able to move forward with things that previously seemed to have been held up. Things begin to move more easily and the flow of energy not only helps with life matters, but also you may feel more energetic as time passes. Remember that Saturn’s most powerful influence is 2 degrees past direct, unlike other planets. As a result, it may take as much as seven degree after it crosses your ascendant for you to finally feel its release and life begins to flow more smoothly again.

If life is still not moving freely, you will have to have a look at what might be further challenging life. Do you have other planets making oppositions, squares or conjunctions to transiting Saturn? If so the challenges may continue for a bit longer. It is, however, important to understand that as mentioned in previous posts, these tests brought on by Saturn need to be addressed accordingly, as no steps can be skipped. The changes that you made or the responsibility that you made will work out over the long run, as Saturn will reward hard work and disciplined efforts.

Saturn, although difficult to handle (tough love effects),does offer rewards for those individuals who are diligent enough to persevere through its testing periods and learn its lessons. Saturn is the task maker but also a great teacher. Hard work and discipline is its trademark but patience and structure are its benefits. You have been building a foundation that will last for a long time which will be able to endure other hardships that will eventually come your way. Your inner core will also be more resilient and will withstand life’s pressures on many more levels than it could before this astrological event.

Check to see what house Saturn is located in within the birth chart as this will be the area of life affected. Also you should have a look at the aspects to both your Ascendant and your natal Saturn to understand on a deeper level what may have transpired and how the changes will have affected you on a personal level as well as those individuals that have shared this experience with you.

It is never easy but the rewards are worth the pain. You will now slowly begin to understand the process that has taken place and the lessons that were learned.

The next challenging Saturn impact on the Ascendant will be in approximately 7 years. The sextile and trine, both easy and influential aspects, will be on either side of this 7 year trend.

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