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As some of you may know, Saturn is known as the taskmaster, the teacher. Its energies commonly defies anything new and looks for structure in life.

We thought we might discuss the conjunction of Saturn to the Midheaven. The Midheaven along with the Ascendant are the most significant positions in the horoscope. They generally indicate, when transiting planets cross these points, times of revelations and a time to push to begin anew or strengthen what is already in place.

With Saturn, the planet insisting on structure and a solid foundation, you will find that you are abruptly faced with new duties or you have to be accountable especially within the working environment. There is usually a need for fine-tuning the framework you have put into place over the past 14 years or so. Saturn takes approximately 29 years to complete its cycle around the zodiac and Saturn would have been in opposition to the Midheaven14 years ago. This is usually a time when we are paying close attention to what we have been doing with our lives. With the current energies of Saturn, now may be a time to begin a new effort that should reach its climax when Saturn conjuncts the Midheaven.

The older we are during these junction points, the more relevant the issues pertaining to our occupation, our standing in the community and status will be. We will now review our efforts that were initiated some 14 years ago. The effects of these efforts will now be experienced fully. If we have carefully built a solid foundation in these areas of life and prepared for our future, we may feel very ambitious and receive rewards for all of our hard work and planning. If you have taken short-cuts in order to prepare for this period in life, and we have tried to avoid our responsibilities, we may now have to come to terms with these shortfalls and may have to alter the course of our actions. If we took shortcuts, our plans may not be working out successfully and we will have to assess the damage and begin rebuilding, repairing and making necessary changes to help alleviate some of these issues and shortfalls.

When the planet Saturn crosses the Midheaven (MC) in our chart, it is usually very apparent, with or without knowledge of Astrology, as this is the climatic point. Although it may happen rather suddenly, we will feel Saturn’s effects for a few degrees before it makes actual contact with the MC. Sometimes Saturn, because it delays all matters and often leads to contemplation, the strongest effects are felt 1 to 2 degrees past the actual Midheaven point.

We will be faced head-on with the results of our efforts from over the past several years. There is no getting away from what has been done thus far and we will either prosper from our previous actions or pay the piper and rebuild so that we can create a more solid foundation for our future.

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