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Each Astrological sign can be divided into three sections. These sections are known as decanates or decans . Each decan consists of ten degrees--the first decan would be from 0 to 9 degrees 59 minutes, the second would be from 10 degrees to 19 degrees 59 minutes, and the third would be from 20 degrees to 29 degree 59minutes. They are always within the same “element” (water, air, fire or earth) that the Sun sign is in. For example, 23 degrees Scorpio would be in the third decan and would therefore align with Pisces. The first decan is always the same as the Sun sign which in this case would be Scorpio, the second would be Cancer and the final one would be Pisces.

We also have to look at the ruling planet of each decan. Again using the same Sun sign, the first decan would be Pluto, the second would be the Moon and the third would be Neptune. If you are born within the first ten degrees of Scorpio, you are a double Scorpio ruled by Pluto. If you are born with the second ten degrees of Scorpio, you would be a Scorpio with Cancer tendencies and are ruled by Pluto and the Moon. If you are born with the third ten degrees of Scorpio, you would be Scorpio along with Pisces tendencies and are ruled by Pluto and Neptune.

If you are born in the first decant of Scorpio, you would have a great deal of intensity and depth to your character. You would be an investigative individual who is interested in uncovering the mysteries of life and life’s experience. You would have a powerful demeanour, especially on the inside, as the Sun sign speaks of our inner qualities, although these qualities can also be expressed outwardly as well. You enjoy having power over life’s situations and want a certain amount of control. Your emotions run deep and you are mostly able to keep them inside although much depends on your Moon Sign and its placement in your birth chart. You will undergo many transformations in life and will regenerate yourself, primarily learned through life’s experience. The tendency to gather information about yourself and self study runs very deep. Transformations are a part of life and once you reconcile with yourself and explore your inner nature, you will make adjustments to your character. You are always in search of truth, so this will be what instigates change.

If you were born in the second decanate of Scorpio, you would still encompass all the details previously discussed, but would also incorporate some character traits related to the sign of Cancer and the Moon. This would make you sensitive to emotional interaction in your life and emotionally susceptible to your immediate surroundings. Family and nurturing are important factors in your life and not only will you go to great lengths to insure that those close to you are cared for but you also need this yourself. You are extremely protective of those you love and will face adversity head on if you feel that they are being challenged. In general, you try to keep your emotions inside although it can be difficult at times, especially when emotionally attacked. You will seek shelter and place a hard shell over your emotional sensitivities, but in general you tend to keep the emotions at bay, revealing little. You are loving, caring, sensitive and soft as well as having the inner strengths embraced by the strong Scorpio tendencies.

If you were born during the third decanate of Scorpio, you would still carry forward the Scorpio traits, as discussed with the first decant, but you would also have Pisces tendencies, and Neptune along with Pluto would be your ruling Planets. Pisces is much more sensitive that either of the other two decants and has a difficult time holding emotion within. Just as Cancer, those within the third decant are sensitive to your environment but this can be to an extreme. You need peace and tranquility in your immediate surroundings and seek gentleness along with compassion. You seek this for yourself but especially for those that are less fortunate. You are a kind and caring individual who is here to help. Gruff and intrusive situations can make you retreat into yourself or react in a Scorpio manner--facing adversity in ways that can be subversive. There is great psychic potential with this combination, although there is psychic potential with all three of these decants, if you care to identify with these traits. The mystical side of life holds great importance. Unfolding this potential and allowing the energies of who you are to soak up is part of your life’s purpose, again if you choose to make this part of your life. You intuitively feel your environment and sometimes have a difficult time separating yourself from what is all around you. You can take on the energies of your surroundings and other people’s emotional trauma. Some tend to run from intrusive experiences and some even resort to drugs and alcohol to escape from the harsh reality that sometimes confronts them.

Scorpio, the exception in the zodiac, has three different symbols attached to their character--the Scorpion, the Salamander and the Eagle, but a definition of each of these will be reserved for a future post.

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