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We will experience a Full Moon on May 7, 2020 at 6:45 a.m. EDT in the sign of Scorpio at 17 degrees. The Full Moon will make a trine to Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces and an opposition to Mercury at 20 degree Taurus. The Full Moon is a culmination of the energies detailed in our post on the New Moon on April 22 which was poorly aspected by Saturn and Uranus.

This Full Moon is more promising with its trine from Neptune in its own sign of Pisces. Neptune will have an influence of spirituality, compassion and love being at its foundation. With the Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio, this is a placement with the need for deep reflection and evaluation. This placement would suggest that a transformation might take hold with the potential for an inspirational response for those wishing to go deep and make changes.

Trine aspects indicate an easy flow of energies. There is a potential for the opening of channels bringing forward Neptunian hope and aspirations perhaps stemming from others (as the opposition from Mercury to the Moon might suggest).

The exact sextile between Neptune and Mercury enhances the mind’s focus on the mystical side of life and may open channels for those open to this type of energy. Sextiles speak of opportunities although in many cases we have to do the groundwork. Each of us will, of course, need to check to see if we have any planets or angles close to this degree in our natal chart in order to have an influence.

Those with tight aspects in the natal their chart to these positions especially by conjunction, trine or sextile can use these current energies in an emphasized manner potentially creating easy flow, some good fortune and opportunities depending which aspect is occurring. Those with the square or opposition will need to work harder and may come across some obstacles to overcome, but regardless of the type of aspect, all of this energy can work for you.

Information and mental reasoning will be part of the picture as the Full Moon and Mercury are in opposition and others may be involved as mentioned. It might be wise to listen to advice at this time and be honest and direct with yourself; not much gets by Scorpio.

This can also be a sensual aspect where love and affection play significant roles due to the influence of Neptune. Any service oriented directives would be in order and this Full Moon would likely bring forth a need to help others by going deep within and helping them uncover anything that needs to surface.

Use these energies in the most appropriate manners as the negative side of Scorpio can be self-serving and sneaky with ulterior motives in place. It would be best to work through the heart connection and have a compassionate view for others in their current state. Your needs, however, should also be of importance.

Enjoy these energies and see what you can do to make your world a little brighter under this influence not just for others but for you as well.

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