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Self Doubt

There are many forms of self-doubt but the one constant ingredient stems from the ego’s interference. The ego tends to stagnate our growth through its necessity for control and tries to regulate how we feel about ourselves.

This does not have to have a negative impact on us as it can provide us with positive information about our desire for and ability to create continued growth. Without the ego’s stimulation to push forward in life and its push for us to believe in ourselves, we would ultimately stagnate in every area of life. In some very important ways, the ego reinforces our positive traits in times of self-doubt.

The ego, however, does have many faces and some focuses of ego are not in our best interests. The ego can invade our sense of self and makes us hold on to ideas and concepts that feed our ego, sometimes magnifying our own importance to a point that we feel somehow better than others. This is a common burst of the ego’s intent. It promotes a sense of exploded importance. When ego is controlled, we understand that each and every one of us do have our own special talents which does make us special but certainly not better than our neighbour who also has their own special talent. Ultimately, we are all equal.

The ego can also stands in our way of self-knowledge and can send out self-defeatist attitudes and beliefs that hinder our growth. When ego is put in its proper place, true growth can prevail in many areas of life, so that the primary purpose of ego is to help nurture spiritual values and the understanding that we are all spiritual beings living in physical bodies. This physical body is a vehicle to temporarily house our subconscious. We are to honour it but it is available to us to use it as a tool to obtain a conscious understanding of whom we truly are.

If we invest too much time identifying with the ego (and there are many times throughout or lives that we take this route as we are not totally aware of our cosmic consciousness and our connection with the greater whole) we lose track of our true destiny and our calling. We become wrapped up in material and mental ambitions. We thwart our connection to the true self and actually lose our true identity.

Should our goal not be to reunite with our inner consciousness? Should we not control the ego so as to use it in a positive manner so that it can help propel us in our proper direction and open up the channels within that allow entry to these hidden routes to our consciousness? Self-doubt is certainly an obstacle in our evolution. We can avoid many mislead detours leading us away from our greater purpose when we control our ego and use it as a positive tool.

We are here to define ourselves and our uniqueness. Together we can stimulate our true potential to spread love and compassion within our own circles and eventually spreading far and beyond our current influence.

Do not allow self-doubt to stagnate your intended growth or from following the path that leads to self-discovery and spiritual understanding. We are one and as a joint force we can spread all that is positive and nurturing. We can assist our world and promote peace to all. Is this not part of our purpose?

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