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There are many different healing modalities, one of which is Reiki. Reiki, originating in Japan, is a form of alternative medicine for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called laying of hands or hands-on healing through which the "life force energy" flows through the practitioner to the patient in order to promote emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

What is a parent’s first instinctual action when a child falls and hurts themselves? Most parents place their hand over the injury or rub the injury to sooth the child. This is a “Natural” reaction.

Reiki can be practiced either as hands-on or by long distance healing.

The individual receiving the energy can either consciously or unconscious accept or reject the energy. It is a Reiki practice however to obtain the receiver’s permission, if at all possible, prior to a Reiki session. If a person is not accepting, than their wishes should be respected.

With or without the addition of any healing modality, it is imperative to realize that our thought process influences our ability to heal or to be healed. It is certainly common for most of us to worry about our loved ones when they are ill or have suffered from an accident. We should reminder ourselves though that when worrying your focus is not a positive one. Sending love is. By focusing on the “what ifs” in a negative way, we are sending out energy of worry and concern which does not promote healing.

Whatever we focus on is what we are provided to any given situation. So when we are worried about health, we ask the universe for more health concerns.

Focusing on love and compassion, we ask for more of the same. Picturing the body or individual in good health only attracts more of this. If we concentrate on how good things are or how good things are becoming, the ability to heal is increased substantially.

When focused on any illness of your loved ones, we are not suggesting that you are creating the illness disease, but you are certainly not assisting with the healing either.

Positive focus (in all of life matters) is essential for a positive outcome. By envisioning someone as healthy and robust, even if at that moment they are not, will help the healing process.

No matter how many healing modalities are utilized and how positive we keep our focus, each of us eventually reaches our time to complete our journey. Our positive focus and our healing practices can, however, help make the transition a smooth and more comfortable one.

See the positive in all that takes place in life because if we look deep enough, even during crisis, we will find it. Release expectations as expectations can create much disappointment and stress. Treat each other just as we would want to be treated and allow your love to touch each person you meeting. This is your best gift to the world and to yourself.

Your healing ability is immeasurable.

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