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The most important realization we can have concerning the gifts we have been graced with would be understanding that these gifts are to be utilized to their fullest. Not only are we blessed to recognize our special talents (and each and every one of us are graced with something) but we are graced with the ability to use them at our own level of understanding.

As we mature into our selves, we begin to see these gifts more clearly and can begin to use them in our daily lives.

We practice self-awareness and we understand the importance of living in the moment. We identify our own unique individuality, and we release the ego’s interference (I know this one takes work). In the beginning we slowly move forward as it takes time and work to awaken these dormant parts of our self. Gradually we increase our pace as we recognize these God-given traits that are awakening within.

We all walk this road of life together and we all have equal abilities just in varying areas. Some individuals fail to see their talents but they too are on track and will travel the road they are meant to walk.

Once we have discovered our gifts, it is imperative to share them. A gift is not a gift if it is not utilized and shared. What good is a thing of beauty if it is greedily hidden away so that we and others cannot enjoy it? This greedy act also hides the beauty from the individual it was gifted to.

As we awaken to our true potential, it is essential to share what we have learned. We cannot force anyone to learn for each individual has a choice. This is a natural process and can and will only happen when it is the right time. No one knows when the time is right for this process to begin. We can plant a seed as a teacher but we cannot facilitate learning for others. That is their choice.

We really do not fully understand the process even when we have walked that trail. Awakening comes in difference ways for different people. Let’s honour our differences.

A true teacher teaches through example.

If you are focused on healing others (and we are all capable of this on some level) share your precious gift through healing and teaching with those that come into your life.

Gifts are not gifts if they are kept neatly wrapped up in a box. Gifts are meant to be shared.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that the individuals that need us the most are the ones that are usually the most challenging to deal with. It is not necessarily a simple and easy road but these gifts are to be shared with all. As a result, we should open up to others regardless of the walls and obstacles they may put up in place. Open up even to those that challenge you. (We are not suggesting that you put yourself in harm’s way. This would benefit no one. We are suggesting that we live through example even for those that make it difficult to share love and compassion with them.)

You are the light for others that cannot see their way clear.

We CAN use our collective energies to move mountains.

We can only move forward when we allow ourselves the freedom of movement. Take whatever steps are necessary to share your life.

Live your life inside the loving circle of creation and balance the gifts that you have received by sharing what you can through example.

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